Network Marketing

He changed market – a chance for everyone, and we’re all in it already right! The marketing saga… Sheryl Sandberg is likely to increase your knowledge. Greetings from NetWorker Meggi Erwig recently I bought food and received percentages in the form of discount coupons… “Why this?”, I asked the shop assistant and she replied: “well, then we operate customer loyalty.” Later, I bought in a shop of beds and received percentages in the form of vouchers… Yes, Yes: customer loyalty. My shopping brought a coupon from 50,-my girlfriend in a furniture store, because she had taught me in the business…Customer loyalty.

According to great written advertising I bought through the Internet at a shoe suppliers and erhielt…nein, not percentages. But the “thank you” a Networkers who told me I reached his side to the shoe store and therefore he got from the shoe store percent due to customer placement… “I want that too…”, I said and asked for information, as I proceed to have. The brief information on which website I go have to which clicks I had to choose, he recited short and factual and then ended the conversation… In a clothing store, which I had asked for a free catalog online, I bought some clothing items by phone and then received the mail of a dealership (NetWorker), who are thanked for my shopping because he had received Commission through my shopping…Customer mediation now became clear to me what many may still not be aware: almost every company is working through the network system on its customer loyalty and clever contemporaries use. Nevertheless still billion funds for advertisements are issued which value has our malware then really? Is there any more ‘valuable’ goods? Buying and selling is earned by the company “Trade” just lots of money? Both you just need to know where and how.

To be only Networker, is not sufficient – the preparation of a good Networkers should therefore be, to find out which network company he can represent with best conscience and which company offers both: Good stuff & good credit then begins the work of networkers: acquire product knowledge learning purposeful communication – change of the own person to a contractor… …und therefore eyes on in the search after (maybe not ‘ quick’) but secured revenue from sales / marketing and network. Simple and always trade it has been already from ancient times touching, which became the biggest winners – its (intelligent) entrepreneur, and so it will continue to be, even if he now has changed network company in a multi, which offers the chance to so many people.