New Theologian

St. John Chrysostom (43, 685). No word is not enough to depict the true love, as it heavenly, but the heavenly origin … Even the language of angels are not able to investigate its perfection, as it constantly comes from the Great God (43, 995). Love has no place in the world, lives in humble heart (43, 996). You can not find anything more precious, nothing above and nothing … more durable than love. Because 'Love never fails, though prophecies will cease, and tongues will cease, and knowledge will be done away' (1 Cor.

13, 8). Without love, not only all splendiferous birth gifts, but the fame of the martyrdom-nothing. Venerable John Cassian the Roman (Abba Heremon, 53, 379). For the believer, the love of God-sufficient solace, even at the death of his soul (55, 178). . A wonderful love of God to man knows when he is in hopeless circumstances. Here, God reveals His power to rescue him.

For neither man knows the power of God in peace and freedom. And nowhere is God so significantly is not a moguschestva his sight, as in country of silence in the desert, in places free from gathering and rumors, typical dwelling among men. Reverend Isaac (55, 222). Love … the Savior is the work of the Spirit, or His presence is significant, hypostatically visible inside I, (as) light. Light as this with nothing comparable, and all the ineffable. St. Simeon the New Theologian (59, 220). People are looking for an easy, not hard work.