NIVEA SUNinternationaler Brand

The anagram design group from Hamburg is a new worldwide appearance NIVEA SUN. As a leading provider for Sun, NIVEA SUN range includes more than 40 products and covers the entire spectrum of healthy beautiful Tan”from. The products range from children to anti age products and include many country-specific products, Alpine”for the mountain Sun or whitening for the Asian market. Verizon Communications will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore, Nivea Sun has a heterogeneous buyers that must be addressed equally emotionally with the new design. Analogous to the claim be free to enjoy sunshine goodness. Everywhere.”underwent NIVEA SUN a revolutionary facelift. Focus of the design was a cosmetic focus of the range.

New ideas were developed for the traditional brand values of NIVEA: confidence, protection and care, making an exceptional and independent fire face, taking into account the technical possibilities, strategic analysis, market observation and consumer tests. One the result was improved orientation and a simplified comparison of the products within the range. Through the use of photorealistic illustrations, the products were manipulated and strengthen the cosmetic care of the range. The result is a clear differentiation of products and a clear outline of the information hierarchy. A special highlight is the line extension swim & play”the kids range that the design provides worry-free fun in the foreground. In combination of a stand-alone product logo which we have designed as logotype image the benefit-extra long lasting succeeds waterproof catchy and target group appropriate to transport. The anagram design group has again after Atrix of the hand cream, skilfully a classic set. Cosmetic, tidy and modern presents the new NIVEA SUN range on the shelf and sympathetically reflects the brand promise of verse. The next summer may occur. Press contact: Sebastian F. Muller anagram design group product & corporate branding Wohlers Avenue 36a 22767 Hamburg Tel: 040 43 09 76-08 E-mail: Internet: