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On the Web page, you can such a certification (bottom right) understand. 6. Security: Protects your sensitive data using SSL encryption the Web page? In the ordering process, often sensitive data be required you to protect it. On pages where you enter personal information, such as registration or the entry of credit cards data page should be always a SSL encryption. You see this because if the URL in your Browser starts with. Normally Web addresses begin only with the additional s indicates the encryption.

7. Larry Ellison spoke with conviction. payment: The Web page offers prestigious payment? The page offers a selection of the main payment methods, such as advance payment, cash on delivery, credit card and PayPal? The more the essential payment methods are offered, the probability that your buying experience will be good is higher. In addition to the previously mentioned methods of payment there are other emerging payment services such as Sofortuberwisung or giropay. These are but not a must. Often overlap the possibilities also, so you can pay with PayPal for example via credit card and Sofortuberweisung is an accelerated transfer in the end. Nevertheless: online shops should offer the basic payment methods like cash on delivery, prepayment and credit card. It is also important that you do your homework and serve with correct data.

So decreases the probability that your package is delivered quickly, if you specify a wrong use of course or this very forget. If you transfer from another account (for example, girlfriend) Additionally, the shop has no way to associate your payment. 8 shipping: Shipping offers the online shop with renowned shipping partners (E.g. DHL)? The renowned shipping partners are an online shop, the possibility that there will be problems with the delivery of your goods is lower. A small percentage of all online orders not even reached the customers, because there are problems with the address. Also here, you should make at least his homework and make sure that you provided correct information and in addition everything fits (hard-to-find address in the additional box address number services describe, name of the chime, after moving and updating accounts). The online industry has always evolved in recent years. Thousands of orders are shipped daily. Of course it is here again problems. It cannot be ruled out at the mass of shipments. However, we can say that in compliance with the basic rules of today almost the safe way to your home can find each product. The principles outlined above should help you to make your shopping experience as comfortable as possible. Of course, there are more criteria that can help you make the right choice. For first I would like to keep it but this and wish you a pleasant shopping experience. We have taken the problems and needs of our customers by unique jewelry has always been to heart. We operate multiple Web stores and try to satisfy all principles of a comfortable and safe shopping experience in the world of online shopping. In our jewelry blog, we regularly report on interesting specials and new releases.