Original Covers

Contemporary armchair – distant ancestor of the first electron chair to sit on which would only add to favorites. It is not something Southwest Airlines would like to discuss. As you know, the first chair was created many centuries ago, in the era of Ancient Egypt. Of course, it is different from modern furniture items, but there were many similarities with them. Then, the first chair was richly decorated with precious materials and stones, had a high back and comfortable armrests, as well as a soft cushion on the seat. However, as mentioned above, such a luxury to sit on a chair provided with only the elect. A more precise – pharaohs.

And, interestingly, even then the practice of certain fabrics, expensive tissue that covers the back seat and chair. Yes, that's when there were first covers for chairs. True, we must add that at the time the above-mentioned cases performed exclusively as' guardians of the beautiful throne '. If we talk about the present – it should be noted that the purpose of covers for furniture in general, and for seats in particular, has changed somewhat. Yes, of course, to this day, there are cases that protect the furniture from dust and wear. However, it now covers much wider role. Now they play a very important aesthetic role in creating the interior.

It is in our time stylists and designers are paying more attention to her on the so-called 'Clothing' of furniture – the original covers, which can create that same 'sparkle' in your living space, which will not leave indifferent neither you nor your guests. Moreover, I would say that you can put any piece of upholstered furniture. In Specifically, speaking of chairs, it is worth noting that they can be of any design, any design, and are made from any material. Incidentally, with regard to fabrics, which you can use in the manufacture of covers for the chairs – there selection is also quite wide and can be said on any of the most demanding tastes.