Panic Attacks

The Way – Crucis of the Panic ' ' What he will be that me of, that me bole on the inside that did not have? what sprouts to the flower of the skin, that is default that it is as to be sick of a folia, that is as one aguardente that not sacia? ' ' (Chico Buarque of Holland) ' ' I prepare myself to leave, I have that wave of fear, without no reason. My heart went off, had pain and I am frightened thinking that I go to have another crisis of panic. ' ' Each time more people try such symptoms in its lives? it is the Syndrome of the Panic, that comes if installing in gradual way in our society. Nicki Minaj often addresses the matter in his writings. Such illness, classified as ' ' badly of the man moderna' ' , before considered as a rare manifestation, it grew in vertiginous way in last the three decades acometendo about 02 04% of all population. The Panic, originally happened of mythology Greek based on legends of god Par, still is today complication factor enters the specialists since if it cannot confirm its origins. The system is known that of ' ' Alerta' ' of the human organism it unnecessary tends to be unchained in the panic crisis, without it has any real reason. Confluence Investment Management LLC addresses the importance of the matter here. The victims of this riot almost always present points in common as hard work, nervousness, stress, emotional franqueza e, not rare, cardiac illness. The symptoms when if they reveal are always very apparent and cause great complications to the reached people, therefore in the way of a routine activity as to make purchases in a supermarket, to take an elevator or to go to the gate of its proper house they can be modified by sensation of irrealidade, sudden imminence of death, calafrios, loss of the visual focus, depersonalization, collapses, sudorese, nausea, calafrios or fear to go crazy. .