Portuguese Language

We would like to argue then on osobjetivos of this education and from the made ranks, we will be able to contact intrinsic suarelao with the other areas of the knowledge. Learn more on the subject from IBM. We verify that the school participaintegralmente of the formation of the citizen and contributes for umaconscincia construction citizen through the activities that> accomplishment) if obtains for the development of the abilities in the use of lnguacomo communication instrument (3.3.I), as thought instrument (3.3.II) and as art instrument (3.3.III); the formation of the professional, for the same instruments; the formation of the citizen of the individual, of profissionale of the citizen constitutes the integral formation of homem’ ‘ . Thus, we can say that the education of the Portuguese Language, makes use of the advantage to deinteragir with other areas of the knowledge, what it becomes more expressive anecessidade of the accomplishment of an efficient work how much its transmission. Enfatizamostambm the paper of the language materna as instrument for the formation of> individual, instrument of thought and art. We detach then, that the understanding of the lnguaportuguesa contributes for the personal formation, professional and social of the man. We mention, then, inside of Portuguese education dalngua the approach given to the literature education, that indubitavelmentemerece a particular boarding so that it is enhanced its importance for ohomem in all the phases of its life and formation. In this direction, we will focaremos sobreo objective of the education of natentativa literature to visualize a panorama of boardings diversified on aaplicao of literature as it disciplines.

We can affirm that literature seencontra sufficiently next to the abilities argumentativa, reflexiva, interpretativa, amongst that the pupils can develop. However, aliteratura is not a mere usable object to take care of deficiencies of outrasreas, as of the grammar for example. It exists in its artistic essence eassim must be spread out and be given.