The orientaes for the mothers represent the concerns of clarification for the mothers (FIGURE 1). If you would like to know more then you should visit baby clothes. Figure 1? Orientaes for the mothers For interviewed the position of handle is of basic importance in the hour of the orientation to the mothers, therefore using the correct technique the mother prevents accidents I choke as it, fiction and mastite. In relation to the success of the adhesion to the maternal aleitamento the nurse is necessary to interact. As consequence he will have success, also having a good communication, perseverance, devotion among others points that contribute for a good one resulting in the area of breast-feeding (FIGURE 2). Figure 2? Relations between nurses and mothers the infantile formula consumption is fact that generates problems of health in the babies.

The knowledge of the last decades evidences that maternal milk protects against infections and allergies, favors the growth and the development of the child. Moreover, it diminishes the risk of obesidade and diabetes. For the interviewed ones it has some differences between children who are suckled and the ones that are not. For the great majority of interviewed the immunity it is better for the babies who are suckled with maternal milk. Therefore it grows with lesser risk of illnesses why it receives from the mother passive immunity (FIGURA2). Figure 2? Differences between suckled and not suckled babies. All the interviewed ones had said that they like to act in the area of breast-feeding and this is a way of motivation for the professionals who work with aleitamento.

The motivation with the work with maternal aleitamento is important (FIGURE 3). Figure 3? Motivations for the aleitamento the difficulties that the professionals face are many. In accordance with Caradina, Faleiros and Trezza (2006) the cult to the beauty is one of the reasons that take the mothers to abondonar and even though not to suckle for finding that the seios had been limp and with estrias.