Profitable Model

Cheapening of the existing models of mobile stands became a distinguishing trend of the last time. Michael Mendes has similar goals. First of all, it relates to such popular models as mobile stands Roll up. Indeed, the variation in prices for these stands very large. The cheapest roller stands made in China are made of plastic and are from 1100 p. Teardrop-shaped stands Roll Up is also made in China will be worth 4,500 p already., Roll up with a replaceable cartridge is worth 2,900 p.

Significantly more cost stands Roll Up European manufacturers – Swedish and Swiss. The most common stands Roll Up will cost is 100 Euro, the most advanced model of roller stands can cost 300 euros. But back to the fuel-efficient models. Frightening of all the economic crisis undoubtedly affected the pricing behavior of customers advertising designs, and those who had sought only the best brand and have become interested in the opportunity to save on Exhibition equipment. This is reasonable behavior.

Why suspend the planned advertising campaign, if you can just save on their budget. It was during the crisis to reduce the advertising activity – a more expensive. Competition becomes harder, less buyers, and competition for customers leads to the fact that we have to pay more attention to advertising. In this situation, it is logical obratit attention on the cheap, fuel-efficient models of mobile stands. The most economical, 'folk' mobile stands are stands of X-banner, and L-banner. These stands are 800 – 1500 p. Their low price is determined by the fact that they are made of plastic and carbon fiber, so the X-banners, L-banners are durable and lightweight, but they may lack stability, because too light weight exacerbates the inherent mobile stands windage. Most popular roller stands has led to their production increased annually and the resulting competition leads to some reduction in their prices. During the promotions in late 2008, for example, you could buy the standard stands Roll Up 80 cm wide at the price of 1,750 p. However, all stands Roll Up purchased abroad, so the change of the dollar affects the price of these stands.