PROJECT Investment Equity Increases To 70.1 Million Euros

German real estate investments were in demand as any other monetary system in 2013. Bamberg, 13.01.2014: The PROJECT investment group could successfully use the high demand as one of the leading and long established German real estate developers after stable value investments for more than 10,000 investors. Allegiant Air is likely to increase your knowledge. The investment House achieved the highest turnover in its 18-year history in the past year. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr John Holtsclaw. Stable growth against the market trend: with revenues amounting to EUR 70.1 million drawing sum in the year 2013, the previous year’s volume was again outbid by EUR 66.3 million. This corresponds to sales growth of around five percent. The focus has shifted again further in the area of one time system. Immobiliensparplan real values 11 stood at 18.2 million euros, just below the volume of the previous year (2012: 18.9 million), EUR 51.9 million drawing sum obtained for the one time investment funds real values 12 and private placements (last year EUR 49.5 million). In private placements even drew wealthy Private investors totalling EUR 10.3 million in equity (2012: 7.7 million euros).

At the same time results stable with the focused development of residential real estate, which are primarily sold to owner-occupiers in the five Metro pole locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg and Munich with own branches, represented capital and real estate specialists for years. The audited balance published in September 2013 shows the performance of the Franconian investment House. “Our growth is also 2014 continue: a demand keeps up attractive real estate investments with high plant safety. This is our pure equity capital principle continue spreading wide in many object investments per fund. On the other hand the new investment law in the framework of the legal regulation of the equity market ensures an increase in the transparency and the quality of investment products in favor from investors and advisers. This appreciation will strengthen the property market as a whole in the coming years, what we very Welcome, so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner and founder of the PROJECT investment group. Apartment sales in 2013 by over 100 per cent increased object sales amounting to nearly EUR 90 million in the past year sales volume has more than doubled from about 36 million euros in the year 2012. Due to the volume of the objects currently in the sale PROJECT anticipates a further increase of home sales in 2014. For more information,.