Real Estate Market

The government wants to rush to potential homebuyers through the elimination of the tax deduction in income tax (income tax of natural persons) from 2011. Would you buy a house in a market where prices are falling, where there is uncertainty about job security and businesses, where the economy is being affected by deflation that may impact on revenue? I honestly do not happen to choose this time to buy a home. Definitely not. Baby clothes can provide more clarity in the matter. The Spanish property market is over-expanded, a situation that is common knowledge but that is something that still does not understand Zapatero as it seeks to build with the funds that would save the tax reform of housing, Subsidised housing (VPO .) As unusual as the measures for the property sector has been the announcement of measures for the automotive sector. The government would provide direct aid for 2,000 million euros, of which 500 million would be contributed by the national government, another 500 million euros by the autonomous communities and the remaining EUR 1,000 million by the automakers.

The strange thing is that someone forgot to warn the autonomous communities must provide money for this plan. And as the economic situation in Spain is more than positive, the government has decided to acquire 420 000 notebooks to elementary school students have their own computer. As strawberry dessert of all such notices, Zapatero acknowledged that seeks to achieve a broad social consensus, institutional and policy on priorities for the new production model Spanish, when he forgot all the time that has elapsed the crisis, official ears open to proposals from the different sectors of the economy and Spanish politics. What will Zapatero when you realize that the new economic stimulus plan will not yield the expected results? "Devise another plan? Just in case, let's considering a plan to oust the Spanish economy committed to fiscal policy that was so wrong product as having a profound development. is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains no matter what direction taken by the market.