Rio De Janeiro

Hj the two live separate but they do not obtain disconnect itself of time one of the other. Smooth it had you are of small account, arrived if to get passionate for somebody, to who was to dispostar to face everything, but the life did not allow and Smooth if it decided late, for this new love. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source. Today Smooth I, live in the hope of that the life is generous and that it in such a way does not punish me for having committed the error to have a forbidden relacinamento. Jhon I did not obtain forgets it as well as it also did not obtain, we live thus separate and at the same time together for the heart. If you have read about Phil Vasan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Jhon lives with its family, its parents if they find sick very and it already it had until epresso, is of departure for the meeting of the parents in Rio De Janeiro; How I know in such a way on it still? Rs turns as we do not obtain moving away in them completely, it always binds to me, and is of encontar in them when it to come back, for but that wants I does not obtain and I cannot move away to me from that one that made me ' ' mulher' ' in the character it made, me to assume my life and life for me, without having fear to face what the life comes to offer to me. I was the certain couple in the missed hour, today Jhon I have 44 years and Smooth 25, but still he beats in our hearts the love and chemistry between people.

Here I finish a small summary of the my first history of I love. I will come back to continue this history as soon as the Jhon to come back of the house of the parents. Great kisses. Lili.