Risk Management In The Hospital

Web-based portals provide holistic medical malpractice include the ten leading causes of death in Germany. With the help of IT-supported risk management, it is possible to uncover error sources and reduce the potential for error. Just Web-based portals provide an abundance of possibilities to ensure a holistic risk management in the hospital. Freiburg, August 31, 2009. It is not something Vontier Corporation would like to discuss. According to the estimates of the Council of experts for concerted action in health care, medical malpractice alone in Germany for 30,000 to 80,000 deaths are responsible each year. Despite these alarming figures, only every fifth hospital has a medical risk management. IT solutions can help uncover potential sources of error and to reduce the error potential within a hospital. Portal solutions such as the Intrexx clinic portal software vendor’s United planet support the risk management of a hospital in a different way.

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Emergency. Here, for example, emergency numbers can be stored, instructions for performing first aid, rules of conduct in the event of a fire or even an escape plan of the hospital. The electronic drug list of the clinic Portal can be, equipped with detailed information on active ingredient and dose of each drug of the hospital pharmacy, avoiding errors in the medication. Since the portal is Web-based, the doctor can independently retrieve this information by its respective location. The knowledge and information management of the hospital is also significantly improved by the launch of the portal. For example, all important management information such as patient paths, material and medication lists, medical and nursing guidelines but also technical data can be provided centrally.

In this way, the portal can be used as standalone solutions and integration platform for existing hospital software solutions (E.g. KIS). The access to administrative systems such as SAP R/3 IS H or Agfa-Orbis is also easily possible. To minimize the risk and at the same time continue to improve the quality of the treatment is also the possibility to integrate additional applications from the Intrexx quality management portal (www.unitedplanet.com/ sqm portal). In addition to an electronic quality manual here among other applications for the acquisition and administration of measures adopted in the course of risk analyses, can be found or an audit management that supports the planning and execution of audits. At portalserver.unitedplanet.de/klinik-portal find a free live demo of the clinic portal.