Rutherberg Process

In this direction it is important to emphasize that, for studying it is good for the growth of the human being in the qualification professional, is important also to understand the complexity of the work in the system of familiar production. To stimulate the population to search formation in the areas where it contemplates the agricultural system of production, and in this search to break the preconception that exists in the society that the citizen of the field does not need study. The acquired knowledge that is passed of father for children helps very in the process of work in the field. Many producers conserve techniques that had learned with the first colonizadores of the region of the Transamaznica, however the practical one comes being spread has many years. The family of agriculturists can depend basically on on local resources and native knowledge or external insumos ' ' estrangeiros' ' , chemical fertilizers, pesticides, mechanization and formal scientific knowledge. Diverse agricultural systems can exist simultaneously in one same area. Much of them described and &amp had been compared (Duckham; Masefield, 1970; Grigg, 1974; Klee, 1980; Rutherberg, 1980). p.

32) the reading it is very important for todos/as, either in the field, the city, or any space. The communication by means of the reading is basic in the process teach-learning, and all the professions demanded in the work market. The school regal victory search in its educational politics some incentives to improve the reading of the pupils. The practical ones of letramento in the pertaining to school environment if give of two forms; deed of division, based on the pertaining to school resume (contents programmarians), and informal, using espont aneidade inside of the process teach-learning. Already the families participate of this process through culminncias of projects, accompaniment of the activities of its children and pedagogical meetings. in this context the reading and writing are inserted in the daily pertaining to school of the educandos, and with the use of projects that has the subjects related to the bimasters, they make with that the involved citizens (parents and pupils) construct to the knowledge through the reading and writing.