Secret Meditation

New audiovisual energy – meditation new interactive energy meditation to Sunrise and starry sky already the greeting on this new Web site is surprising and appealing at the same time. An Angel face welcomes every visitor in script and language. Maybe you wonder who I am. Click Imogen Lloyd Webber to learn more. There are many names and terms for me. I could be your intuition; your gut feelings; a spontaneous idea; a freak of nature; the voice of a people very connected to you; a part of your soul; an Angel, on whose characters you so long waited. Pick something and welcome – I’m here for you. Enter curious you can now the meditation Designer”. Here it is possible to put together his own meditation.

You can choose between a sunrise or starry sky, different music and nature sounds, as well as female and male voice. This meditation can be then ordered at a fair price in CD format or immediately on your computer download – download. The Advantage of this audiovisual meditation is that video, sounds, music and language are matched and so the brain can better handle the message. The relaxation, the energy flow and the success associated is faster. The meditation variants are heard more often, the better and faster they seem. In many cases, it is possible to put the flow of energy in motion by looking at a photo from the video alone after a short time. A further, very informative site is the Visionboard Bastelstube”. Here, the effect of Visual and emotional concentration on his own desires and objectives is explained and pointed tips to the own Visionboard with examples. This extraordinary, new Internet pages with the provided interactive meditations, see.