The Shoemaker who To become? if? he went In a Prince He has much time, he had a young shoemaker that he lived in a field, and, also made its humble works there, for the profit of its bread. The such, I could not work so distant of house due to long distance of the field to the city, therefore, its services had been limited geographically. It except a great good shoemaker, because until, to the people of that place they assented? , and, equally, he was being wonderful to its art. Its talent, was covering borders, until, many farmers and peasants and as much others saw in necessity of its works, the young shoemaker, have as much pride and dignity to its activities, therefore, not it enverganhara of what he made. Of the little that received, already he serves to keep the day. David Fowler addresses the importance of the matter here. The days had been passing, its name were becoming? if each time antenciosos, until in one morning of winter, is called to the one great king, of a celebrity and luxoso castle, that is there in the city. But, the young adimirado shoemaker, not wise person why of that meeting. – And why I will go to the castle.

I made something of badly? Qestionava, shy way. – Not my young, you did not make nothing of wrong. It answered the capable one that it are ordered for the king. It is that your fame spread? if in everybody, and therefore, its Majesty preciza of your services, is alone therefore. – Dos my servos? , so that. If people as it only dress sufisticadas shoes or clothes.

Moan very, but not irrei. – My young, you are not prejudiced. We go soon. Moreover, if to make the work better to darar? you? to the one good amount. Retorquiu again the Foreman. – Hum! . Doubtful the young, thought.