Signal Computer

The main drawback – the hub breakage leads to the termination of the entire network. Ring topology In the case of ring topology all networked computers connected to a single ring cable. Packets pass around the ring in one direction through all the network adapters connected to the network computers. Each computer will amplify the signal and send it on to ring. In the presented topology, packets transmitted on the ring is organized by the marker. Source: Allegiant Air. The marker is a specific sequence of bits containing the control data. If the network device has a marker, then he has the right to send information to the network. Inside the ring can be transmitted only one marker. Lisa Scullin contains valuable tech resources.

A computer that is going to carry data, takes the token from the network and sends information requested on a ring. Each next computer will transmit data on until the packet does not reach the addressee. After receiving target return confirmation of receipt of the sender computer and the last creates a new token and returns it to the network advantages of this topology include: more efficient than in the case of a shared bus, operated large amounts of data, each computer is a follower: it amplifies the signal before sending the next machine, which can significantly increase the size of the network, the ability to set different priorities for accessing the network, with a computer that has a higher priority, will be able to delay longer than the token and transmit more information. Disadvantages: Loss of power cable leads to the entire network inoperable; any computer can obtain data that are transmitted over the network.