Spiritual Strategies

Their displacements to that one town were surrounded by incident strangers as sudden failures without reason in the vehicle, diseases, abierta opposition enter the settlers from the small village the preaching advances. – They are crazy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ripple. They go away. We do not want them here shouted a woman, outside himself. They go away with his religion to another part. – Outside of our town. Far, very far vociferated a young person, who accompanied the threatening tone by his words with stones that threw in certain occasion against the visitors.

One of the leaders related that when arriving at the village, lost in the distance, it underwent a strange oppression in the chest while a believer showed that in several occasions she suffered headaches only with arriving at the place. The efforts seemed unfruitful for a long time. The strategies no they seemed to serve as much. Per moments the despair entered to them. The panorama change when they included/understood, by the Scriptures, that were not simply days of evangelisation but of true confrontations with the world of the darknesses. In future, after reflecting, to deepen in the Word and to go to the scheme error-learning, included/understood four important aspects: first, that had to change the work scheme; secondly, to previously identify the land on which they were going to work proclaiming Good the New ones; third party, that its direction would be in front of spiritual confrontation happening of a defensive attitude to an offensive position, attacking directly on the neuralgic areas where it operated the devil, and finally: to go to the fasting and oration as spiritual arms of attack to an especially spiritual dimension.