When, tired, it came back toward house, it had crises of I cry and it did not obtain to sleep. Its appearance reflected the proper suffering: already he was not more so beautiful, it was almost that a caricature of itself exactly, with deep olheiras and each leaner time. Camila resisted how much it could, but to know that it was badly made to it to appear certain feeling of guilt. It would have taken the decision certain? It will be that it loved still it? How he could mainly have done this with that as much likes, if it loved still it? Great it was the doubt and the anguish that appeared in Camila. Although everything, and same with passing of the time, it did not obtain to forget it completely.

Still superficially the quandary of Jean was remembered all day, for the doormans, when it arrived or left house. One day decided to bind and to talk with Jean. They had been without knowing accurately what to say, had a climate of deep hurt, fear and uncertainty. But they had started to perceive a certainty retaken in the confidence, were people who if knew, that they had been close, had been important one for another one. Camila felt the flame of the doubt in its heart and decided, in another colloquy, to invite Jean to go its house. The meeting occurred few days later. They had talked little and soon abraos and kisses turn over between. But it was not the same thing.

Of the part of Jean, it had a certain distrust, of the part of Camila, a curiosity in trying to discover how much still it liked it. They had finished sleeping together. Never more they turn over. Michael Antonov may not feel the same. Camila perceived that it would not obtain to recoup its love for Jean, what it had remained nothing more age that penalty. It started to ignore the commentaries of the doormans, moved of telephone With the time, it also finished moving of residence and it arranged another boyfriend. How much the Jean, never more had notice.