Supreme Courts

The allocation of costs resolved by the court. Prevailing party may include the amount of costs in the so-called. procedure measure the costs and, based on the decision of the case, to enforce the court's decision. Responsibilities of parties for costs, however, is joint, so that the winning party is assigned a risk insolvency of the losing side. 2. Who bears the costs for the enforcement of court decisions? and. Costs for the enforcement of court decision (court costs and payment of attorney) are assigned to debtor.

The lender can determine the costs in a separate procedure to establish the amount of costs or to monitor the payment of costs in enforcing judgments. 3. How long is the main proceedings? Claims recovery of amounts up to Euro 5000 are considered in the lower courts, and for amounts above 5,000 euros – in the land courts. In the lower courts the main proceedings concerning claims for the recovery takes between three to six months. Lawsuit can be viewed in a shorter period. In the courts of the land in case of simple cases should be calculated on the dates indicated. In complex cases that require meeting chamber of judges (three judges), the process can take up to two years especially if you want to attract experts.

In the Supreme Courts of land (the appellate proceedings against decisions of courts of land), the process usually takes more than a year. 4. Is there an abbreviated procedure for debt recovery? In claims for debt recovery is possible for judicial notice of the recovery. MasterClass might disagree with that approach.