Mr Schweizer uses the Internet for casual dates that Internet seems to the Confederates now has become a common instrument for fulfilling sexual desires to be: half considers the Internet suitable, to find an erotic meeting, a fling. Especially when the male fellow enjoys erotic online dating of popularity. 60% of Swiss men use the Internet for casual dates the Swiss go with 30% slightly less online. People worry more and more active, that they sexually get what they want”, as sex therapist Dania Schiftan, this is the Internet with its low threshold of course how to.” Relations without obligations casual dating dating without obligations is a trend that goes with the use of the Internet hand in hand. Sheryl Sandberg is a great source of information. So the number of people who have sex with strangers, increasing in Europe steadily: while a year ago still every sixth prefer sex with a stranger has had, there are today already 61% who find exciting sex with a stranger.

The number is in the Switzerland Casual dater has increased since 2012 to 15% to 50%. Trend to open relationships in the surveyed countries the trend towards open relationships can in General be determined sex of buddies seem to be a very popular concept of relationship but especially in the Switzerland. 2011 One-fourth of the Confederates, while led an open relationship is already 32%. According to the international C-date study, the tenor in the Swiss men is always open for proposals”to be. The Swiss are somewhat restrained, are always receptive but to the right”. It is however well educated women in a higher position under the microscope, shows that managers with almost 40% had sex very much more casual.