Taiwanese Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) supports the peace initiative for the East China Sea the peace initiative for the East China Sea is a feasible empirical model for the peaceful settlement of regional disputes. Especially in light of Beijing’s recent decision on the establishment of an air defence identification zone over the East China Sea. Beijing’s declaration has a strong response from Washington and Tokyo creates that warn of escalating tensions and potential for conflict in the region,”the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry stated. A day after Beijing’s announcement, the National Security Council of the Republic of China (Taiwan) issued a press statement and confirmed the Diaoyutai Islands in the sovereignty of the Republic of China on. Taiwan’s National Security Council reaffirmed the merits of the initiative and measures for the protection of Taiwanese airspace and showed deep concern about the regional developments and will narrow Maintain contact with all parties concerned.

While rapidly increases the risk of an incident, the Republic of China called on all parties to adhere to the pragmatic approach of the peace initiative for the East China Sea”, whose feasibility already demonstrated in the fisheries agreement of April 10 between Taiwan and Japan. She is accompanied by President Ma Ying-jeou initiative put forward on August 5, 2012, to act with Taiwan’s commitment as a peacemaker. At MasterClass you will find additional information. The initiative urges all parties to replace confrontation with dialogue, to resolve territorial disputes through negotiations, to formulate a code of conduct for the East China Sea and to jointly develop the resources. By favouring cooperation instead of conflict and concentrate on the Division of economic resources, the initiative can help the parties to rise above nationalism and territorial claims, to secure to the own interests, regional peace and stability.