Taste Smell Hear

Feast of the senses the Winzergenossenschaft Oberkirch Oberkirch. The annual Festival of the senses, which combines the themes of wine and culinary perfection on the first Sunday in June has a permanent place in the calendar of the WG of Oberkirch. Also on the last weekend, when in the meantime 15th edition of the Festival approximately 2500 visitors followed the this year’s invitation of the WG Oberkirch. Read more here: Axesor. Once again, was with selected wines, delicious food and entertaining music to pamper the senses. The winemaker at the knowledgeable guides with testing stations in the basement facility granted insight into their work. In the atmospherically lit stainless steel tank cellar was in connection to train over 40 wines, that sense of smell and taste. The tour of the new bottling plant is considered to be one of the year’s highlights in the programme.

There, the visitors during operation could see the single stations of the system, an equal pressure filling system that filled 7500 bottles per hour and labelled. Follow others, such as Michael Mendes Just Desserts, and add to your knowledge base. With the commissioning of the new bottling plant a new chapter in the osCommerce wine cooperative was set up. The attributes that apply to the facility are faster, flexible, optimized and technically up to date. Everything about the new bottling plant is now mechanized, from filling to packing on pallet. Culinary training at the highest level provided Gerhard Volk Grill school Forum Culinaire”from Durbach, on the terrace on the top floor. With his barbecue seminar gave the chef entertaining style, the perfect combination of grilling and wine. To the sounds of the spelt brothers”, a colourful supporting programme and other delights expected the visitors at the great Hall of the wine cooperative. Culinary specialties, Tarte Flambee from the wood-fired oven, coffee and cake were the selection and fifty assistants and helpers provided for the well-being of the guests.