The Corporal

The crossed linkings being one of the known theories more are based on the possibility of molecular and gradual damages where they affect the DNA directly, causing small injuries that cause great alterations the cellular functions, causing consequences on the functioning of the corporal systems in general. The social theories seem to be one of most visible in the society in which the familiar environment, for times can be the door of entrance for the influence of this theory in the life of the aged ones during its process of aging. Further details can be found at Michael Antonov, an internet resource. Still being based on Farinatti (2008), the social theories of the aging involve four established theoretical processes in the theories of the social desengajamento, the activity, the sub-culture and the phenomenon ageism. Making a boarding well sucinta of each one of these theories can be identified in the social desengajamento, as a process between the individual and society if they adjust for a withdrawal or desengajamento enters the two with the intention benefits of it lends between both. The theory of the sub-culture analyzes exclusive characteristics in relation to the aged ones, where separations for etria band are developed and consequently they take a segregation process, exactly for not having no type of behavior that can guide understood standards of behavior being thus as a sub-culture. finally the phenomenon ageism that it consists of the discrimination of the people oldest (of the 0 variable) age.

Where two types of very common actions can be identified, that are the discrimination and the preconception where the aspects of the age chronological and appearance of the people oldest, comes to unchain the phenomenon of the ageismo. Chapter 1.1 physiological alterations in the main systems the human body passes for diverse modifications throughout the life and the physiological systems also follow these modifications, being able to vary of individual for individual. We will approach some particularitities of the systems: central, respiratory, circulatrio and musculoesqueltico sinewy.