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In the necessary joinder, its components are considered as part without autonomy, with representation reciprocal, and subject to the same procedural consequences 37 in this type of joinder, there is a substantial relationship only for all the summons in the process, the joinder is required by the material law in such a way that the claim may not be validly proposed, but statutory material, in such a way that the claim can not be proposed, but by several subjects or front them.38 For the square: the necessary joinder occurs always that by the nature of the legal relationship material which in the process acts, United litigants, affecting all resolution, which can be carried.39 In other words: the figure of the necessary joinder arises where the procedural relationship, on which the judge must pronounce, is composed of a plurality of subjects, either active or passive, in such a way that is not susceptible to secede in many isolated relationships as active or passive subjects considered individually, but that is It presents as a single and indivisible source to the set of such subjects.40 Thus the nature of substantial legal resolution, subjects who used under the condition of plaintiff or defendant party are United way such that affect all the sense of the resolution to be.41 Allows the integration of several persons in the position of a single part, requiring that all subjects of the underlying material legal relationship in the process.Your participation implies that the subjects integrated single-part acting together, by which requests that perform a joinder independently of the others, including the appeals, will favour throughout the party and not uniquely to the person performing the corresponding action. If you are not convinced, visit Southwest Airlines. Therefore, the joinder par excellence, since the idea is not of a possible meeting of subjects, but the requirement to convene all stakeholders in the same ruling, the effectiveness that for them has the answer in a single process.