The Current

Therefore, filling in the relevant forms takes five minutes. The data are entered then after the meeting or in small groups during the meetings in an Excel program. This determines the respective mean values and the current mood is created. Sort automatically, the Excel program for the four questions generated history graphs, which show the development of the response behaviour and so indicate, where problems could arise in the foreseeable. Detecting problem areas will be facilitated the executives also by the fact that in the Excel dashboard calculated averages each with one of the three colors of the traffic light colours be deposited. Is the mean value calculated on a question in the green zone, then the relevant number will be green. For even more analysis, hear from Bernard Golden . It is for example worse than 2.5, it is deposited yellow, to signal the leadership: Here you should beware.

The average value is inferior to 3.5 he is deposited red, as a sign that the Executive should be here initiative. The aggregated results of the surveys in the departments and areas are also forwarded to the project management team. Consequently, this always has an up-to-date overview of the mood in the operating. This enables the control team, responding to certain developments which it says control measures to prevent, for example, that deficits are problems. The barometer of change has already been tested in several change projects in large manufacturing and service companies. For more information, those interested in Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal (); 07251 / 989034; Internet:).