The Direction

The rotating center of the spindle can be replaced by a three-or four-jaw chuck. He pinches the material like a drill and allows you to grind the workpiece, fixed on only one side. Flat, wide things (plates bowls) were treated with faceplates. It is screwed on the spindle flange with holes, as well as mounting screws act. In order not to spoil the harvest, in this case to workpiece paste additional round lumps. And if the bonding layer of paper to lay the plane, then later they will be easier to separate. Chuck, chuck, and how, does not need "help" and tailstock can sometimes grind the workpiece radius greater than the height of centers over bed, in the event that the machine tool rotary headstock. Function of the rigid support for the tool performs podruchnik.

Its set in any convenient position between attendants and the required distance from the axis of rotation of the workpiece. It is easy to adjust and height, but often do not need. The vertical position of top edge podruchnika, providing an optimal combination of quality, comfort and security of processing – just above the axis of rotation. The form determines the direction of rotation podruchnika details: cultivated part of it should go from top to bottom, pressing tool holders. Lack podruchnika that Turner keeps his hands an instrument, and it is difficult to accurately measure the thickness of cut or sustain a curved profile.

Caliper is rare in wood lathes, a familiar attribute of metal. He firmly holds the blade and is responsible for its exact movements of all three coordinates. His set at the bar, parallel to the axis of rotation workpiece, along which it can be moved. Position cutter regulate flywheels. Caliper enables precise cylindrical and conical process. Solve the problem of recurrence of a curved handle designed to copy devices. They differ from each other by design, but is guaranteed to have three parts – the probe (finger), which tracks the profile template rod on which "walks" the copying mechanism, and holder tool.