The Growth

Strategical, because, without the joint and simultaneous consideration of the determinative factors of the development, it will not be possible to revert the current scene. New platforms of development will not be reached with action incuas, as for however praised, as local productive arrangements, support to the small companies, the artesanato and the informal activities. These expedients serve, only, to attenuate the consequences of a low-level picture of development, of estagnado growth and unemployment. They are in use has years, without they retake the development, they promote the growth or they generate jobs. For more information see this site: Endeavour Capital. Of long stated period, because one does not revert so preponderant factors, as the ones that had caused the current picture, in short spaces of time. The exacerbado congestion of the areas will not be reverted metropolitans of one decade for another one. One will not create development polar regions, with fort to be able of you enlace Inter-sectorial and with overflows interregional, capable to modify functional relations, establishing new standards of chaining and space interactions in one or two decades.

The stated periods of maturation of transforming investments are relatively long. The basic thesis is that, any that is the transformations intended for the set of the society, the starting point is the reversion of the current standards of occupation and use of the territory. Soon below of the national project it follows the delineation of the new territorial configuration. It will indicate what to make and where, so that indesejados aspects of the development are eliminated or, at least, attenuated, and the desired ones, are created and optimized.