The Imposition

We must walk now in a study in the felt genetic field of the true one of justice, therefore all the concepts above elaborated previously go submitting in them to the agreement of the problematic one in question. Therefore justice is derived from the right, that is regulated by law, is that it is law has for its objective the balance promotion enters the judicial demand presented observing the especificidades of each case. The PROBLEM OF the SANCTION AND ITS APPLICATION Sanction are the imposition of the state for a tort that has for its purpose to point the readequao of the individual in the society through a procedure of possible pedagogical punishment, are through the sanction or of the penalty that would have citizen to have the notion of the practised tort and its effect in the society. However when establishing the sanction is that the state if contradicts varying its values, therefore the justice direction walks of a different form, therefore nor always what he is just pra one must be taken as decision standard in another one in case that, therefore the sanction comes to take care of to the especificidades of each case. It had who tried to establish the bases of Ethics without sanction, but the attempt is reputed, in general, fails.

It is not possible to conceive ordinance of the moral life without if foreseeing a consequence that if adds to the rule, in the breaking hypothesis. It seems paradoxical, but he is true that the physical laws if enunciate without if foreseeing its breaking, whereas the ethical laws, the legal ones also, are such that its breach of contract always is prevented. The possibility is proper of the Right, between certain limits, of being violated. The same if it must say of the Moral. The breaking of the physical law involves imanentes consequences to the process, doing without discipline accessory.