The Interviewed

In this direction, perceived with the answers of investigated that the activity with mockups beyond providing certain degree of interest, makes possible the pupil to apply the geometric concepts of dynamic and significant form, in the direction of that educating has a contact with geometry at the same time in the theory and the practical one. As interesting aspect of the didactic activity, the interviewed ones had said that it was marcadamente the use of the geometric thought to develop the assembly of the mockups. Therefore different varied so great forms and of geometric figures had been presented, as it was a break-head that represents the real construction. According to citizens of the research, an activity of this nature beyond awaking the interest and the curiosity of the pupil, presents the mathematics of concrete form, without disentailing its conceptual character. Baby clothes is open to suggestions.

Another factor took that them to the interest for the activity, according to proper searched, was the visualization of plain figures in space, that it inside presented some mathematical concepts of the practical one, that for Pietropaolo (2003) the education of necessary geometry to be characterized as instrument for understanding of the world its return where the necessary pupil to see geometry as area of the knowledge that stimulates the interest, the curiosity and the spirit of inquiry, thus constructing the capacity to decide diverse problems. Another group of reply called the attention for pointing the relation with diverse disciplines of the resume schools. These you discipline can be worked/explored in an activity with mockups, are they: geography, history, art, sciences, Portuguese, physics and architecture. In relation to these answers, it is understood that geography sufficiently was mentioned had to its study of the geographic space and the landscape, elements gifts in the construction of the mockup..