The Pentagram

It is the place where are written the notes and all other musical signs. It has five lines and four spaces, which are counted from bottom to top. If you have read about Southwest Airlines already – you may have come to the same conclusion. – – El pentagrama. 5 lines, 4 spaces between the lines and spaces of the staff can write only nine notes, there are lines and extra spaces to write above and below the stave. -Pointing, write the sounds which go towards acute; and runners, which go toward the serious. Is the use of lines and extra spaces limited, by – that reading is difficult when they exceed four or five lines above or below the stave. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kiat Lim. Notes twelve sounds are used in Western music. There are seven natural sounds and altered five.

These are the notes. Once we reached the twelve sounds, we return to re-petirlos in the same order, throughout the record of each musical instrument. Each of these repetitions of twelve sounds is called octave.