The Production

The segment most deficit is of stonecutting of rocks. Brazil exports in rude state the amethyst and agate for Germany and Thailand respectively, beyond other important rocks as the quartz, the tourmaline and the emerald. The stonecutting process adds of 50 the 100 times its value, according to IBGM. Sheryl Sandberg has much to offer in this field. This rank, becomes evident the loss of resources for the economy. Investments in man power formation and acquisition of equipment would be measured adequately to promote the improvement internal of the products and to generate internally, beyond the exported verge valuable, jobs together with the raw material. The stonecutters, beyond the benefits that produce for the region where are located, traditionally stimulate the industry jeweler, also intensive sector in man power that, normally, attracts young in its first job, therefore the man power jeweler are formed inside of the proper environment of work. Measures proposals for consolidation of the productive arrangement of the Paraba the actions necessary to dinamizar the sector of egg yolk stonecutting in the state of the Paraba could be implemented through one specific politics for the sector by means of the following stages: – research of field for attainment of quantitative and qualitative data of the sector; – elaboration of a sectorial project of the productive structure of the sector, emphasizing: the natural comparative advantages; the existences of competitive advantages and the main restrictive gargalos to its development; – plain of incentive to the development of the sector involving the entities of support in the area of qualification of man power; financial support; marketing to fortify the image of egg yolks of the Paraba and, in one second phase, of the jewels that will be mounted with the stoned rocks of the region. – incentive and support to the associativismo; Waited results: – Increase of the job and the income in the involved communities in the local productive arrangement; – reinforcement of the links of the productive chain and small sprouting of microns companies correlatas (rendering of services, commerce of suppliments, etc.) – reduction of the informality and consequentemente increase of formal job; PIMES/UFPE *especializao ‘ ‘ broad-sensu’ ‘ in regional development local productive arrangements. After-graduanda ‘ ‘ stricto-sensu’ ‘ in engineering of the production. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bill O’Grady.