The Professor

Mental maps also they require practical and devotion to leave well-making, but it is in the future of the schools. If to use them to a professor, already it will be if differentiating of the other professors, for better. It will be very good that the professor has significant experience with the content, there it can be concentrated in the didactic part. If it quickly does not have, it will have that adquiriz it or lecione another substance. Nothing worse of what a theoretical professor, who finishes investing most it time in its proper learning and not in the perfectioning it planning, of the communication and other aspects it education. Go to Eric Kuby for more information.

All the pupils like variation and of monotony and for this the professor does not have to make them if to move, to work in pair or group, beyond if certifing of that they are following the lesson, therefore a lost concept compromises the remain. The possible one to give plantes or to have plantonistas for individual attendance must be fact, the pupils learns very better with the answers to its proper questions. Emotions generally contain one message, to prepare itself better. The fear is an ally for the success. The professor must know to deal productively with fears.

The unreal auto-expectation of that if it has that to know everything and to answer to everything it is not certain. What of the credibility he is the professor to say what it is, when it knows, to say that it finds that it is when is not certain and to say that it does not know, when really it does not know. This is it becomes what it trustworthy. An essential point in classroom is to recognize and to know who is the authority. The pupils test the limits of the professor to know as if to carry and use what reference happens as for what they go to make.