The Respective

The query can not be made concurrently with another election. ARTICLE 105. After completion of the requirements and formalities to bring the general status of the territorial organization and in the cases determined by it, the governors and mayors as the case may conduct public consultations to decide on matters of competence of the respective department or municipality. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rory Sutherland offers on the topic.. ARTICLE 106. Before meeting the requirements indicated by law and in cases to be decided, the inhabitants of the local authorities may submit projects on matters within the competence of the respective public corporation, which is required to process them, deciding on the provisions interest of the community initiative of the relevant authority or corporation or for not less than 10% of registered voters in the respective electoral roll, and elect representatives on the boards of the companies providing public services within the respective territorial entity. CHAPTER II – OF THE PARTIES AND POLITICAL MOVEMENTS OF ARTICLE 107. It guarantees all citizens the right to establish, organize and develop political parties and movements and the freedom to join or withdraw them.

In no event will allow citizens to belong simultaneously to more than one political party or movement legal status. The political parties and movements will be organized democratically. For making their decisions or their choice of candidates may be popular or internal consultations that match or not election to public corporations, in accordance with the provisions in their statutes. In the case of public consultations, the rules on financing and advertising campaigns and access to state media, which apply to regular elections.