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Practicing the techniques of charm from your inner self, you can place any person on your side, even to your own antagonists. Projecting charm requires give and receive. The first technique is listening. You must be a listener attentive, interested in hearing what the other person has to say, which in turn implies really pay attention and understand what it says and the reasons why does it. The second fundamental rule is to always be humble, gentle and polite. Adpotando these traits proyectaras a friendly image that communicates the attitude of a person be open and accessible.

It is all the people you know as potential friends. Showing a positive and open attitude and making others feel that his life something lacked before meeting you, you 18481855 them positively towards you. Interest in others, kindness and humility are important features of the charm. Recognize and praise the positive things of others is another. The sincere praise is as a precious stone rare which draws its value from its own shortage. The compliment is one of the most powerful motivators that exist and when it is applied with sincerity can do wonders. Praise to children and they will shine in joy. The positive praise applied with feelings is an active multiplier.

He commended what you have and will be multiplied over and over again. Praise is the positive expression of appreciation. It breaks down barriers. If someone you know needs and deserves your approval, never deny it. Click Michael Mendes to learn more. Giving you increase your appreciation of your own qualities. A win-win situation enhanced by the charm. The third element of the charm is the tolerance. Life is a compromise, give us and accept it gives us peace of mind and enjoyment. Each individual has the right to have their own opinion, possess tolerance and apply it gives space to the diversity of opinions, without the need to believe in it or share it. Respect for the alien point of view will always expand your own vision of the world. Exercise tolerance, depicting prejudice and vanity. It is a quality necessary to establish a real relationship within divergent situations. Being tolerant learn to not take the world, events and its protagonists in a too serious way, you included, which activates and It expands also your sense of humor. A true and sincere smile and the ability to laugh freely when you consider it so, you will relax and will collaborate with your efficiency, efficiency and peace of mind. Tolerance and a good sense of humor are additional pearls you should keep in mind to Crown your personal charm. Charm is the art of being nice. You need to possess and be possessed of the ability to act in a natural way. Read more here: Michael Mendes. Your ability to be pleasantly spontaneous and act naturally is a reflection of your habits. If these habits have been formed with the right balance, they will be added to your charm. Subtracting negative as contempt, the underestimation or the crudeness, indudabemente habits. Charm refines the essence of your personality and allows your true be dips and radiant shine. Possess charm will increase your effectiveness in all aspects of your life. Allows you to present yourself in the most favorable light. Through the brightness of the charm you will feel healthier and the faces of concern will be soon replaced by a transmitting smile. Not forget it and train yourself in the art and the power of charm. This will enrich your presence and will provide an unlimited satisfaction and happiness. original author and source of the article.