The Truth About Food

FOOD AND HEALTH In these days one regional chain is issuing a series produced by BBC titled interesting a the truth about foods. It seems surprising that so far no serious studies have been conducted on the influence of diet on health. Studies of Western medicine to cure diseases treated by chemical, surgical, and other physicochemical methods. And this medicine has advanced greatly in the last century, so we managed to cure and prevent a huge range of diseases. MEDICINES AND MEDICINE food for various reasons has not been linked to these studies, except in certain habits statistics that attempt to explain the relationship between customs and lifestyles and diseases without really concrete conclusions.

The big pharmaceutical companies and market study chemical compounds, scientists advance knowledge of DNA and stem cells, and these advances have increased the quality of life of our generation dramatically. Filed under: Southwest Airlines. Recently, some American universities, such as that shown in the documentary that we cited at the beginning, have tried to demystify myths about food or secure. FOODS THAT HEAL Some of their findings are reacted with particular diets and dieting but we want to strike a very particular spinach. One study conducted with older people suffering from a retinal disease called macular degeneration, showed that a diet rich in spinach improved the vision of most patients by 30%. A carotenoids: lutein, a precursor of vitamin A was the architect. Can you imagine a doctor prescribing 250 grs. spinach every day? We emphasize this conclusion because we argue that food is the foundation of good health, and foods rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals are able to help prevent and fight disease. FOOD MIRACLE From the press, medicine official, even from institutions such as the ministry of health, messages that were in some way degrade or discredit natural medicine.

It is advisable to be wary of miracle food. There are no miracles, of course not, but a complement to food as rich as aloe vera and noni juice provides nutrients necessary for health. And it does naturally. There, we have explained in many reports, an unbridgeable gap between the natural nutrients and vitamins collected based on chemical processes. Our body recognizes and assimilates organic compounds naturally. Good nutrition is an essential basis. One hand will help us not to develop diseases that are based on the lack of some nutrient, and otherwise enhance our natural defenses. We eat fruits and vegetables varied and in large quantities, but also we ensure that our daily intake of vitamins is a natural fit we will be doing a great service to our body. Expert Laboratory aloe-based natural treatments especially herbal medicine and aloe vera.