The Word

The concept of the Word of God in the book of Hebrews is that it is alive and efficient, and more penetrating than sword of two gumes (sharp part), and penetrates until the division of the soul, and the spirit, and the meetings and marrow, and is apt stops to discern the thoughts and intentions from the heart; the Word of God it penetrates in closest of our being and discerns if our thoughts and reasons are spirituals or not. The two gumes when it cuts, can saving in them or condemning in them for the perpetual death. The Word of God serves so that we let us approach in them to Jesus as our supreme priest. Orando in all the time in the spirit? the conjunct approaches in them to God, it is the canal between us and it. Tiago 5:16 says that we must confess ours you blame ones to the others, to pray ones for the others, so that let us can be sarados, this in the sample because many times do not occur the divine cure between the Christians. We must confess our sins ones to the others and pray ones for the others. The sin in the church is an obstacle for our conjuncts and hinders the manifestation it to be able of the divine cure in the way of the church. complete Tiago saying: the conjunct made for one just can very in its effect. The conjuncts of just: Leva it more close to God? Hb Abre 7:25 the way for a full life of the Spirit? Lc D to it 11:13 to be able to serve? At 1:8; for the Christian devotion? Ef 3:14 21 Edifica it spiritual? Jd 20 D to it understanding of the provision of Christ for us? Ef Ajuda 1:18,19 it to win it the Satan?