The Work

At this stage you need to follow these points: The pit for the foundation should be the same depth in all areas. If the site is irregular topography and elevation changes – a better foundation align in the same level due to the fact that he will be in low lying areas to rise from the earth. Others including David Rogier, offer their opinions as well. The upper surface of the basement should not have stairs. Pillow under your foundation must be well compacted. Reinforcing metal shall not never rise above the level of the intended base, as this will be the foundation of the same sex in offices to store firewood. Concrete pouring is better all in one day, otherwise the base will not monolithic. Concrete should be allowed grab for 3 days. If you build it yourself – do not depart from these requirements, and if the work is done at your site working – follow along with them, so as not to miss any details.

Masonry. So when the foundation is ready, you can begin to build himself a fireplace. Lay on top of tie roofing material, it will help protect the wall from getting wet from the ground. Before embarking on the most clutch, you need to decide what form will be openings. If they do you have planned square – you will need to find out what to do jumpers. For such purposes, it is possible to use an ordinary bath. If the opening is planned arch, you have to make boards out of a template that will be posted arch arch.