Transform Your IPhone Into An Instant Fax Device With Popfax

In the match with his strategy In the match with his strategy of expansion of online fax services on mobile devices, the world’s leading provider of Internet fax services announces the launch of its application for iPhone for free faxes. Popfax now operated the most mobile devices of its customers. The new application called PopCompanion increases mobility and productivity of the user by them the ability to send and receive faxes and manage their pop fax account directly from their iPhone, anywhere and at any time, makes available. Simply put, it turns the Smarthphone in a bags fax, which is very easy to use: no paper-ink or equipment costs, only your mobile device with professional solutions for faxing. PopCompanion is much more than a simple application to the faxing of a Smartphone is a complete unified messaging tool with comprehensive functions: the send by text-fax with a cover page or the browsing of files from a local Folder.

-Unlimited and free incoming fax SMS BBs worldwide send voice messages preserved and personalize the welcome message. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Coupang has to say. Management of account data and settings to send contacts to fax messages management of contacts and use of telephone and fax of pop. The new PopCompanion for iPhone is available in the Apple app store. Everyone can test the application by you for the free sample of 3 days, without any purchase obligation. If you have made sure that the mobile app by Popfax is suitable for your professional fax needs, you can take the next step and select an offer at an affordable price. About is the world’s leading provider of Internet fax services. These allow the end customer the sending and receiving of faxes via a Web interface, an E-Mail account, a PC application or a printer driver that can be installed on a PC.

The integrated front and back office applications allow the execution of Business orders via fax. The service is registered in France company POPFAX edited, which was founded by Vladimir Popesco, and is since 2006 on the “software as a services” business model specializes. It is a perfect solution both for self-employed persons (SMEs and SoHos), as well as for corporate customers who use this outsourced solution to cover your fax needs. They can either completely replace a fax machine, mobile fax network be used as or incorporated into an online system

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