Twin Freedom

To part I agree to it, However fracasso in the truth for me substance cousin for the life. What she is the woman who I loved if not VnusEm mine third astrological house.Hermnio Vasconcelos J.Nunez the IMPARCIALISMOexplicando: Venus in Twin: It confers to the native affection and agradabilidade, indicates affectivity or expressed amorosidade in intelectualizado way. You like to communicate and to change ideas in its relationships. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bank of America and gain more knowledge.. You do not like if to relate only for commitment, you likes if relating stimulating its mind and saciando its curiosity. You to change affection mean to change to idias.nio Vasconcelos are the urban buclico poet, are the passivity with the life, are the moral looseness, it is moral flexibility, and frivolous and the slightness of the life without rules, is the individualizada morality and with base only in the personal nature. He is the poet of submundo, however, it is plus an observer of the depraved life that a proper man of these regions of moral basenesses. This poet simpatiza with the basenesses human beings because he sees and he recognizes in the men this state that always is hidden in the appearances. Perhaps either a species of unconditional love to the men.

Hermnio Vasconcelos is a poet who would transit if he wanted enters the most varied social classrooms, however, he decided to live enters the basenesses human beings because certainly he recognizes in itself all type of inferiority. This poet represents the absolute freedom that took off of the man the right to have opinion and concept of certain or made a mistake. He is the poet of a time that in the freedom is as much that everything is preconception, of a time where to have opinion it is preconception, thus forming the dictatorship of the despreconceito. The poet has its opinions, however, reserved for itself exactly. Its poetry discloses that it lives deeply and if esbalda of the sexual freedom conquered by the women, is in this point that it reveals more frivolous.