UMTS Internet

More and more providers have a surf stick without a contract offer. The prepaid plans are becoming increasingly popular for mobile surfing. These allow Internet-enabled mobile phones or a surf stick without a contract. As a surf stick is connected to a notebook or laptop. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction. This is a USB port. This is to find every modern device and supplies the stick also with electricity. In the stick inserted a SIMcard, barely larger than a 20 cent piece.

More is not needed on hardware. Only a USB data cable can be used as extension. To access the Internet, yet the driver files on the computer need to be played. This is possible without any problems, because they are already on the stick. So, a long and tiresome searching is not necessary.

Just for people who rarely go to the Internet, or those who want to try out the mobile UMTS Internet, a surf stick without a contract is the best solution. You must not enter here a long contract? May be booked a minute-based billing a billing hourly or a daily flat rate. Surf one minute can cost 0.09 euro, one hour 0.99 Euro and a full day long you can use the Internet from 2.50 euros. Depending on your surfing behavior, each user must decide for a Variant. Especially for people who travel a lot or business traveler, is a surf stick the right choice. That each need credit on the SIM card in the stick booked. This SIM card can be used also in a mobile phone. Without a contract receives the stick man from 25,-. Christopher Heinsius