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‘Blacklist’ unfair commercial practices consumer makes transparent the recasting of the law against unfair competition (UWG) implements the EU Directive 200529EC and expands the level of consumer protection in the competition law. This greater legal certainty establishes for consumers, both at national and at international level. The revised and improved law lead to new requirements on companies. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. The amendment forced a clearly achtsameren dealing with consumers and consumers (B2C) compared with the earlier directives. “In the black list” 30 unlawful business acts listed, makes consumer rights clearer and clearer. Is breach of any of these points is always an illegal act.

See paragraphs such as, for example, promises that you cannot keep up or wants to”,”Mislead consumers”or disguised advertising” demonstrates the newly regulated facts. Continue to dispensed with in the amendment of the law as far as possible on the distinction of the relations between businesses and consumers (B2C) and between companies (B2B). This means that the competition law consistently applies to customer as also business relationships and the rules equally affects consumers as market participants. Infringements against unlawful acts, buses threaten up to 50,000 euro. Sabine Schleinig the Frankfurt customer communication agency Obeid represents a clear philosophy: “truth sells best! The communication is the interface and heart artery of the customer service. Quality, expansion and sustainable livelihoods are only be achieved if the people’s desire is acknowledged and complied with this honesty and commitment.” Now many companies need to connect these principles. The black list”is available as PDF for download on our website at for you.