Victor Frankenstein

He was not worthy of consideration affection. Learn more at: Mark Zuckerberg. 5 DR. VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN Victor Frankenstein citizen of Geneva belonged to one desuas more illustrious families. It had a happy infancy. It was a young curious quetinha much anxiety in knowing the reason of the things: One was interested to adesvendar the many mysteries about the sky and the land.

She was estudanteinteressado in natural Science that after a some years of study, in the anxiety to dedescobrir the origin of the existence human being, finished giving life to a monstrous being, that proper Victor feels fear when contemplating its workmanship, due to lack given deassistncia the Creature, this comes to cause it many disasters. Dr. Victor had good intentions, wanted to discover the latent origemvital in all the alive things, in this manner dominartal principle meant to be able and to give a purpose to it. This purpose it was to create umhomem resistant to all mazelas ‘ ‘ to banish the illness of the human heart, becoming the invulnervel man all the deaths, saved the provoked pelaviolncia ‘ ‘ then, it ‘ ‘ he would be the creator of a new species, seresfelizes, pure ‘ ‘ that proper existence (SHELLEY, 2007 would have it: p. 41-56). Victor Frankenstein when repudiating to its workmanship was only refletindoas ideas of the society.

It grew in return of people who never accepted o’ ‘ diferente’ ‘. Analyzing Frankenstein in the vision that the Rousseau has on they ohomem, we can say that it plus one was corrupted by the society, and nestesentido Science doFilsofo destroyed the life of the Dr. Vamos of meeting to the doctrines that it says that Science and the Art corrupt the life of the human being.