Virtual Assistant

At the start of a professional relationship with a VA, you don’t know it or as a person, or as a professional. For your peace of mind, begins to delegate those activities that you consider not as priorities, addressing you them in first person. Over time, you can always delegate more activities. Control without control.Control the work of another person, the principle can help in acquiring the necessary confidence, the security that the VA is developing its work in the best way. But never convey that feeling: the person who is delegated must feel vested with maximum confidence, in order to develop their tasks in the most efficient way possible. Read more here: here.

Which activities can delegating? Of course it is fairly subjective, which depends on the type of activity that you perform, and also your personal and professional characteristics. However, there are some basic points: delegate those day-to-day activities that make you lose valuable time and prevent you dedicate yourself to what really only you can do. For example, you could delegate to a VAla task of responding to some emails. If you’re selling a product or service, you can create an email box only for people who ask for information from your web site. You could instruct to the VA about what answer and she would be responsible for providing the information required with professionalism and accuracy. Endeavour Capitals opinions are not widely known. Your virtual assistant will be responsible for prepare a report to inform you about the progress of that activity, and your customers or your prospects will receive personalized attention in fast times. Delegates those regular activities that you steal time, as for example to organize meetings, travel, preparing presentations, do Internet searches, prepare marketing campaigns for the launch of a new product, prepare and disseminate newsletters, electronic, etc. It delegates those activities that you’re neglecting because you don’t have time. For example: keep your customers database updated? Do you contact you occasionally with your customers to know how they feel, they feel that they are important? Did you ever thought about preparing a questionnaire of quality to have a real feedback from? part of your customers? You occupy seeking new customers or prospects? You begin to delegate to a Virtual Assistant and you’ll see that you will get more time to dedicate to your business or your personal life original author and source of the article