Volkswagen Plans Production

Growth in Asia, Volkswagen AG pursues the ambitious plan to replace Toyota as the world’s largest automobile manufacturer for some time. A piece to achieve this goal, an own production should be established in Malaysia. Sales Board member Christian Klingler has signed a partnership agreement with the Malaysian company DRB-hicom. The Exchange Portal reported the Wolfsburg company’s expansion plans. To be better represented on the growing Asian markets, Volkswagen plans to build up an own production in Malaysia in the long term. The Passat from supplied components to be assembled in the works of the cooperation partner. Later, the production of Jetta in Malaysia to begin. Production in Malaysia, Volkswagen would like to more markets especially the growth countries such as India, China and Malaysia also and gain more market share.

In this way, the German company pursued its plan until 2018 to the world’s largest automobile manufacturers be. Toyota currently holds this place. DRB-Hicom is a promising partner for Volkswagen because the group is the largest Malaysian manufacturing network and also has a well-developed network of dealers. DRB-Hicom manufactures also commercial vehicles at its plants in Melaka and Pekan in addition to cars.

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