Voluntary Renunciation

What’s it with the fasting actually? Today is Ash Wednesday. The crazy colorful days of Carnival are now gone, the hustle and bustle of the Carnival is over. Start the serious days of lent. For the next 46 days without pleasure goods voluntarily. According to a Forsa poll 40% of Germans have decided last year to fast after Carnival. This is fasting seen anymore in the traditional religious sense to purify body and soul by the committed sins.

Fasting goes back originally to the 40 days that Jesus fasting and praying wandered through the desert. Today, the meaning has changed something. Today is fasted instead, to test their own willpower. The appeal is to manage the own pig dog and defeat. The voluntary renunciation of something is a self-determined action. To reach this goal, you can be proud of yourself with good reason. What is dispensed with in the Lenten season? 78% would give up alcohol, swear the 69% Candy that 53% are willing to forego meat consumption would set 48% the Ciggy and 42% can live without television.

A poll in Germany showed these results. Increasingly, the computer and the Internet is on the waiver list. Fasting is just to change the everyday consumption and enjoyment and retrenching in some areas. The motives for fasting are mostly quite primitive. So many after the winter period would lose a few pounds or strengthen just the personal ego. The fasting is recognised as King of the fasting. This is not completely solid food as well as consumption goods, such as coffee and tobacco. Such a fasting has an enormous impact on the body and influence following: cleanses the bowel is drained completely. Blood pressure is reduced in a natural way. The fat deposits are mined. The metabolism is stimulated. Alteration of the hormonal household. All minerals be flushed from the body. Strengthens the defences. Tightens the skin. Before however the fasting into consideration is, appropriate precautions must be taken. Not for nothing the fasting is one of the most extreme forms of fasting. A consultation with a physician is recommended before starting the radical cure. This may indicate special tricks and tips, as the body responds better to the liquid food. In addition, it is extremely important to accustom the body to the waiver. Also the customization must be done carefully after fasting to solid food. Otherwise the lost pads are faster again on the hips than one would like. No matter for what fasting one finally decides to reach the goal, you feel just infinitely good. A load falls from one and a feeling of pride and satisfaction. One good way is to keep a diary during the fasting. In this, you can capture experiences and emotions. Also, you should in advance to consider an appropriate alternative which you could replace the disclaimed. Because already in paradise had renounced the forbidden you the biggest stimulus now so during Lent on chocolate, should be drawn on the cravings, and may resort to a delicious fruit. In some cases the waiver is possibly to everyday life. And the absence of actual perceived no longer as such. If not: at Easter, everything is gone.