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Most popular wedding portal in the German-speaking countries recorded the highest number of visitors in Haar near Munich just to the tenth anniversary, in October 2010. Here, John T. Stankey expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Weddings are an attractive niche market, because many want to make their big day as lavishly as possible. However must be promoted for the target audience of brides and grooms also constant, because every year it’s lovers to new, providing your vows. 2009 over 378,000 pairs in Germany were married according to statistical Federal Office – there are similar to many as in the previous years. The average age is 70 percent of the be Trauenden between 20 and 39 years – an age group that researched almost exclusively via the Internet.

Confirm the enormous traffic of the wedding Portal weddix, which celebrated its tenth year online anniversary in August 2010. Read more here: Phil Vasan. According to IVW listing, is the most visited wedding platform in German-speaking countries. With 311.371 visitors in the wedding high month of may but now even the own statistics were blown up this year. On the All relevant information for the preparation of marriage – by the marriage proposal to the honeymoon – are clearly prepared in the form of Advisor articles, image galleries, and classified directories Web page. The motto of “Everything for the wedding” is not only for users, but for all the providers in this market, who are looking for an attractive presentation platform. Last year, the company per month average recorded 237,000 users who have made each almost four million page views, current numbers. In the first half of 2010, was ticked up to six million times per month. In the information community to determine the distribution of advertising media E.v. (IVW) – publishers and online providers are Member there voluntarily, with approved status credible outward to communicate their dissemination and Visitzahlen – continuously is the portal in the first place of the few wedding Web sites enrolled there.