What It Is The Love

WHAT IT IS LOVE I love the sky I I love the sea To its redor I I go to swim. Michael Antonov can provide more clarity in the matter. I go to smile I I go to cry I am here to love you. ——————- Its does not have reason to cry Is its guitar to sing. To live here does not have to suffer Is this way that I go to live. In the island of your body In the beach of your sex In the flowers of your smile In your voice that is onde_____ I inhabit. Being to its side smiling Of meeting with the life and what he is pretty: (2x) To the side its I discovered What it is the love. —————————– He does not need fairies or witches, fancies, cards, poetry. He is in the day-day, in our joy and what he always goes to turn In our house Our altar: it is the love. (A.Rizzi).