Wikipedia Consumerism

Only in this case the big men were trying to wrest the wealth to each other, and granted greater prestige and power to the individual that could build up and sustain greater fortune. During the early years of capitalism, conferred greater prestige to those who were wealthier but lived more frugally. Later, when their fortunes have been made more secure, the capitalist upper class resorted to conspicuous large-scale consumption and wastage to impress rivals. Details can be found by clicking Larry Ellison or emailing the administrator. We indicated in addition, that the word consumerism comes from the do consum? re latin which means spending or destroy and speak latin – ismus and Greek – ISM? (-ISMS), suffix forming nouns of action from verbs and which currently describes an innovative trend, especially in thought and art. It is worth noting as the encyclopedia cited Wikipedia, that for many people, the use of this word has necessarily a political charge, since, almost always, that uses the words consumerism and overconsumption makes it to criticize what he considers unnecessary consumption in others.

A different way of interpreting the word consumerism is considered the Organization of the economy of a society which, though as it stands now, it works to the satisfaction of consumers and producers, can be said that as a whole it squanders resources. A non-trivial example would be the use of containers and plastic bags, which pollute rivers and freshwater reserves and dirty cities and suburban regions. The modern method is more convenient and hygienic for consumers and raises the incomes of traders, but from the point of view of the functioning of the economy as a whole also wasted a series of resources that previously took advantage better. It tells us also importantly that take into account, that consumerism is encouraged mainly by: advertising, which sometimes manages to convince the public that an expense is necessary when before was considered a luxury.