Gegenbauer holding SA & co. KG uses IAM & SSO from the Institute for System-Management GmbH In March 2011 that could iSM after a successful pilot the GEGENBAUER holding SA & co. KG (UGB) as a new customer for the bi-cube software solutions are becoming. The GEGENBAUER group is one of the leading providers of facility management in Germany. With his 1925 dating back to the year experience in the sector and many thousands of qualified employees in six different divisions, plans and realizes the company service and management concepts for real estate and real estate. Industry and trade, Contracting, banks and insurance companies as well as health care facilities and housing companies among its customers. The Rostock software manufacturers Institute for system management (iSM) won this companies as customers for its identity & access management solution, and its single sign – on (SSO). Within the project the identity management software is bi-cube in the IT environment of the GEGENBAUER SA & co.

KG implements. The priority objective of the introduction is 1 in the centralization and automation of user and authorization administration and 2nd in the compliance with the privacy, security and compliance – requirements. Moreover, should now also the 1,500 IT users at the end of the project phase 1 due to the use of the integrated bi-cube SSO benefit directly from a much simplified registration process: you need to remember from only a single password they use to log on to the system and that provides them access to their systems and applications. This provides the IT users of UGB a serious boost of user comfort! Mario Meyer, ICT Manager of UGB, and Patrick Walter, IdM project manager, placed in the product selection special emphasis on a modern, innovative and future-proof software with open architecture and SOA – approach that best meets the IT strategy guideline of the company. Decisive for the decision of UGB for bi-cube identity management and for the iSM as a partner in this project were among others personal experience reports from project managers other successful iSM customer projects. But mostly, a pilot installation in the iSM took the evidence, that is his solution successfully can be integrated in the company – and IT-structure of UGB, was significant for achieving the specified objectives and thus the decision for bi-cube. A basic requirement for the designation was that the IdM can master the complex lines and project organisation of the company and manage locations, as well as cost centers. “Mario Meyer, ICT Manager of UGB, summarizes: the Administration should more efficient, safer and transparent administration and user helpdesk significantly relieved and simultaneously all privacy, security and compliance requirements are”.

Gradual implementation and project support through the solution manufacturer should provide for a rapid implementation of the UGB requirements and fast project results. Also this assumes the delivery of software solutions iSM project bi-cube IdM & SSO, the complete creation of concept for the data and functional model, the technical and organizational consulting and modeling the roles and processes. The expert advice direct from the manufacturer ensures the effective implementation of the project, as well as the short-term and specific requirements. Read the success story Gegenbauer SA & co. KG in the port. ( download/dokumente/success_story/Gegenbauer_IAM_Success_Story.